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The final meeting has just taken place in Rijswijk, Netherlands of the Speech, Communciation and Resilience project (SCR4Cleft), developed with the support of an EU Erasmus + grant.

The project has comprised partners from 9 countries and is coordinated by the European Cleft Organisation.  The  partnership has brought together experts in speech and language therapy and psychology to produce material that can be used to train non-specialists in aspects of communciation and resilience.  It will enable non specialists to help parents identify signs of impairments and offer practical ways of supporting their child who may be experiencing speech and language difficulties and/or psychological challenges associated with having a cleft.  More details can be found on the project website http://www.scr4cleft.org/

The project meeting was preceded  by an open afternoon the day before in Amsterdam which attracted particpants from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam with a variety of disciplines represnted.   

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