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As well as the two new Erasmus+ projects recently awarded (see separate post), ECO has been involved in 3 other training partnerships since 2014.

Face Value and When Looks Get in the Way kicked off in 2014. In summary, Face Value is developed a short course for NGOs and from line health professionals that  equips participants  to deal with the psychosocial aspects of looking different.  When Looks Get in the Way developed a formal university module course  (70 hours) for all health professionals going through their medical or health – oriented training.  These groundbreaking projects ened in 2016 with all training material in multiple languages now available online, meaning that training can be developed in any setting.  Visit their project  websites for further information Face Value and When Looks

A thrid project, an Innovative Health Education Module, IHEM,  began in 2015 has been developing resources aimed at ensuring school age children with clefts do not fall behind in school.  Evidence shows that some children with clefts don not perform so well at school and we don’t know why.  This project provided parents and teachers with the knowledge and approaches needed to spot early signs of problems at schools so these can be adressed before having a major educational impact.  The project finishes in 2017 and you can find further details and downloadable resource on their website IHEM.

These projects have drawn on the diversity of their partners which makes the educational resources both rich in content and applicable in many settings.  Partners representated have come from Bulgaria, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden and Latvia

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