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We were all struggling to work the best we could during the Covid 19 epidemic. For ECO this meant developing work online, running training courses on various platforms, trying to reach audiences the best way we could.  Covid is still with us but the lock-down approach has mostly now gone, though we remain wary of new variants.  We are generally all traveling again, with little hinderance, though the costs of travel have risen enormously as a result of the global recession caused in part by Covid and now the war in Ukraine. However, the communication tools that we developed and became familiar with using during the Covid lockdowns are still very much with us and are there to be utilised.  We can travel again, but we also have the capabilites to run part of our training schemes online – perhaps some inital ‘taster resources’ can be done up front, online, and follow up can also be done online, leaving just the core training to be done face to face.  It is with great satisfaction that we have just had a kick-off meeting for a new Erasmus training programme – Face Equality Training (featured on our home page) and in tune with the times there will be fewer face to face meetings and more use of online tools.  This of course fits in with a commitment to greener work practices and environments.

All the NGOs I work with have been hit hard by Covid and now by the general global recession.  ECO is no exception and we need to be creative in attracting new income streams during 2023.  We are all in this togethter and perhaps the best way forward is to look at opportunities for collaborative fundraising with other partner organisations, old and new.

Gareth Davies

Executive Director

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