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Last year we reported on the network of Bulgarian cleft nurses—trained and funded by ECO—which is changing the face of early cleft care in Bulgaria and has resulted in the number of parents being advised to leave their newborn babies born with clefts in orphanages dropping from 40% to 27% in five years.  ECO is now putting training at the top of its agenda and plans to expand its training programmes into new countries (two per year). We estimate the total rolling cost for this will be around €12000 per year.   Please help us achieve this objective for  and make a donation today!newwebpics002

Children born with clefts deserve better and all European nations should recognise that they have an obligation to ensure these children have access to good quality care, with evidence-based treatment outcomes.

Our Mission

The European Cleft Organisation (ECO) strives to ensure all those affected by cleft lip and/or cleft palate have access to high quality care and enjoy equal opportunities in our European societies.  We work with local and international public and private bodies, governments, health-care providers and national patient groups, helping them achieve effective outcomes.  We turn evidence-based knowledge into action by developing and disseminating best practice guidelines and training health professionals, patient groups and other relevant stakeholders.  ECO is a lobbying body at European level and engages with, and influences, health agendas at national level, seeking also to address public perception of clefts.

We regret that we cannot accept donations by cheque because the banking system in the Netherlands is no longer able to process them!